Watch out For Food Poisoning Risks this Summer

Posted in: Product Liability | Jun 08,2019

Image result for food poisoningA new US report says that food poisoning outbreaks from contaminated poultry, products and other products are still very high in number.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recent outbreaks of salmonella poisoning linked to contaminated turkey, lettuce and beef seem to suggest that health officials must continue to be vigilant about the safety and purity of the foods that Americans eat.

The report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that food poisoning rates have remained more or less the same over the years even as the agency has made progress in identifying the organisms that contribute the most to food poisoning epidemics. These organisms are the one that causes salmonella infections, and the campylobacter enteritis. Both are transmitted through animal feces. Salmonella poisoning is more often linked to contaminated poultry, eggs, beef and produce, while campylobacter is primarily linked with tainted chicken.

Tracking food poisoning outbreaks is often difficult because individual cases may not always be grouped together by health officials. The data is inconclusive because so many cases of food poisoning go unreported.  There has been progress made in some areas, but those improvements have had little effect on food poisoning rates because American eating habits have changed. For example, the poultry industry has been able to reduce the rates of salmonella contamination of raw chicken carcasses, but Americans now opt for chicken breasts, legs and other parts, and the rates of contamination in these parts remain the same. Besides, campylobacter and salmonella poisoning, other common food poisoning outbreaks in Indianapolis and across the country include those caused by E.coli, and listeria. 

When you have suffered serious food poisoning as a result of contaminated food products, you have the right to hold the parties responsible for your injuries accountable for damages. These parties can include manufacturers of the food products, suppliers, distributors and other related parties. If you or a loved one have suffered food poisoning as a result of contaminated produce, ground beef, turkey, poultry, eggs or other products, talk to an Indianapolis trial lawyer at our firm.