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If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of soliciting a wrongful death attorney to represent your family’s interests after a loved one is killed by someone else’s negligence, it helps to know that Montross Miller LLP has been the premier Wrongful Death law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1980.

Those forty years of experience make all the difference. With four decades of legal practice in Indianapolis IN, we’ve argued an incredibly wide range of Wrongful Death litigation cases. Let’s list some of the most common reasons plaintiffs bring tort claims of Wrongful Death to Indiana’s courts:

Automobile Accident: Too many deaths occur every year on Indiana’s roads, and some of those tragic fatalities are due to negligent factors: dangerous roadway, defective vehicle, drunk or distracted driver. If car crash or semi-truck collision causes vehicular manslaughter and another party is ruled to be at-fault, there could be cause to proceed with a claim of restitution due to Wrongful Death.

Medical Malpractice: When health is at stake, errors by doctors, nurses, hospitals and pharmacies may have horrific consequences. When medical professionals fail to live up to their oath and a patient dies from neglect, malpractice or incorrect medicine dosage, civil action might be warranted.

Dangerous Consumer Products: You don’t expect something you buy at a store to become a killer, but faulty electronics, poorly made furniture or non-functioning detectors of harmful toxins like carbon monoxide or radon can result in someone’s death, and could be considered negligent.

Workplace Accident: Companies are legally bound to provide safe work sites for their employees. If a worker is killed on the job because of dangerous working conditions, the employer might be held liable for that death.

In Indiana, the standard of proof for a Wrongful Death case is the preponderance of the evidence presented before the court. With 40 years of real-world experience as a Wrongful Death law firm in Indianapolis, Montross Miller LLP brings in top experts and conducts essential research to ensure our Indianapolis wrongful death attorneys are maximally prepared to make your case at trial.

If you feel there’s a claim of Wrongful Death and you need to discuss the case with a qualified, experienced wrongful death lawyer in Indiana, call our Indianapolis law firm at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 and request a FREE initial consultation. With Montross Miller LLP, our clients get Strength Today and Security Tomorrow.™

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