Wrongful Death

We consider the term “wrongful death” to be an unfortunate one, as it attempts to include all cases which result in someone’s death into a single category. After more than thirty years of representing families whose loved ones have been taken through another’s fault, Montross Miller understands the magnitude of the loss. Whether it be the loss of a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a brother or sister, or provider or other relative, no term can adequately convey the extent of the loss. The financial loss can be devastating, but we recognize the non-economic losses are also staggering. It is our responsibility, not only to fully and completely investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the event which caused the death, but also to demonstrate clearly and convincingly to the opposing insurance company and it’s lawyers the full extent of the loss to the survivors. We pride ourselves in doing this, and we do it well. What’s more, the insurance companies know us and they know our track record. They know we negotiate from strength, and if a fair settlement is not offered, they know we will go to court and fight for our clients. We are selective in the cases we handle because of the investment we make of our time and resources in every case we handle.