The Autumn Driving and Crash Risks You Must Know About

Posted in: Serious Personal Injury | Nov 23,2019

Image result for autumn leavesAutumn can be a beautiful season to drive in with the changing colors of foliage and the pleasant weather. It can also make motorists complacent because no one really thinks of the kind of crash risks that could be lurking behind weather that is typically known more for pumpkin picking and beautiful hues than for crash risks, right?

Unfortunately, the things that make fall such a beautiful season can also pose serious crash risks to motorists in Indianapolis. The wet leaves that litter the roads can be dangerous to drive on.  Drive at safe speeds as you drive through roads that are covered in leaves. Take care not to brake too hard or suddenly while driving through these roads. Remember also that roads covered in leaves are likely to conceal road markings, so look out for these.

Autumn is also peak deer breeding season. Deer tend to be more active near the roads, so watch out for one of these animals frisking onto the road right in front of you. Car and deer accidents are common during the autumn months in the state of Indiana. This seasonal increase in activity involving these animals is something that all motorists need to be informed of and aware about. The Lake and Porter counties especially see a higher incidence of deer versus motor vehicle accidents. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Fish and Wildlife Division estimates that 36 percent of all deer-related accidents are caused on state roads while 45 percent of all deer-car accidents occur during the months of October and December.

Also take into account the changing temperatures around you. While autumn may make for pleasant weather, it also means a slow drop in temperatures as we head into winter. Your tire can experience a 1 to 2 point pressure drop with every 10 degree drop in temperatures.  Get your tire pressure checked regularly to avoid an accident caused by malfunctioning tires.

Fall is also when you’re likely to experience glare in your face from the sun. Make sure your windscreen is completely clean and free  of any hazy buildup and scratches. Make sure that your lights are functioning well, especially as you head into the darker months of the year.

Enjoy fall driving and be safe.